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Mediawiki Software

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Permissions on MyWikiSchool

  • Everyone can view all contents of MyWikiSchool
  • Only registered users can post/edit
  • Only confirmed users can add new pages and upload files - these are usually only needed by contributors. Please ask for permission by email.
    • The only reason for the limitations above is to reduce spambots. MyWikiSchool is always open to all to view/contribute.

Equation Editor

Extensions / Special Properties of MyWikiSchool

Test Site for Contributors

For practical and convenience purposes, you might not want to publish your work directly onto MyWikiSchool. There are a few options for you to test/develop your materials before publishing.

Online test site

Offline test site

If you need to develop/test your materials offline for convenience and practical purposes, there are a few options
  • Wiki on Pendrive - this will give you a blank mediawiki site that works directly off your pendrive.
    • Some modifications needs to be done to enable the hide/play tags. I can share the modifications here or even modify and upload an installation file if anyone needs to use this.
    • Mathematical equation support, however, is out of the question with this method, unless using an online option, which nullifies the reason to use this method in the first place.
  • Run a virtual machine running linux and mediawiki. This is the method I am using as I need maths support offline. I can share the method and the virtual machine file (it's around 1 GB) if anyone is interested.